We fell hook line and sinker for these bold and sunny rucksacks when we first discovered them at a trade show in Amsterdam last year. Even more so when we realised they are made out of recycled PET bottles. Sustainable, practical and striking. Tick, tick, tick. 

A nod towards retro design with fresh and modern colour-ways, these bags by a cool Dutch brand, are so unique and we think kids will love them. The lining is waterproof, there's an elastic bottle holder and even a name tag inside for contact details, in case your bag needs reuniting with you. The really have thought of everything. 

We've got 2 different sizes in the rucksacks, the large measures 27cm x 13cm x 38cm and the mini 20cm x 13cm x 26cm. The Large size you can find here and the mini here. Both are flying off the shelves fast. 

And let's not forget the bumbags. Equally as colourful and fun, they work great for both adults and kids. A very cool way to carry your personals with minimal effort. We are rather taken with the Rust colour. 

Whilst we are entirely sure what the definitive plans are for Schools come September, we think a colourful new rucksack may just be the ticket for a positive start to the new school year. 

August 12, 2020 — Sarah Tebb

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