The options for these durable buckets are endless: compost, plant pot, drinks bucket, gardening, food storage, the list goes on. It almost feels like there is a slight challenge in the air for finding out just how many different uses we can find for them. 

Designed in Denmark and made in Japan they are made of good plastic (it does exist) which is built to have a long life, is food safe, touch and scratch resistant, mould and sun resistant and food safe. 

A big fat plus on top of these buckets being immensely durable and practical, is that they come in a great variety of colourways. As much as we love the practical it can border on the beige or monochrome, so combining practicality with clever design gets our vote. We also know colour is a way to cheer up everyday tasks, might seem trite but it's true. Pottering around the gardening, pulling up weeds with your sunny yellow bucket - happy days. 

The mini bucket's measure in at: 21cm wide x 22.4cm deep x 17.5 cm high. We also have them available in other sizes. Other important features are: they're fully recyclable and each one has a 2 year guarantee. Can be cleaned with bleach or disinfectant. So really the question is: what's not to love? Practically perfect in every way. 

August 17, 2020 — Sarah Tebb

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