Every so often there comes a book or a photo that captures your attention. This book was exactly that for us. Some of the trouble we face in the modern world is how quickly traditional and heritage skills can be lost due to the rapid pace of technological progression. This isn't to say that technology is bad, not at all, it is merely a recognition that often the fast paced world can overlook those skills and ways of life that truly should not be forgotten. 

ancient traditional skills

The New Traditional is a celebration of exactly that. It lets you: 

Delve into a world of unique individuals across the world who are invested in preserving and reinventing traditions and shared rituals.

For us it is this idea of not just of preserving but reinventing. This is the what we have the privilege of doing in the world today, approaching the old and refining it. The beautiful photography is enough to sell this gorgeous tome but the stories to accompany them will set your imagination alight. 

woven articles

The book looks to: 

the craftsmanship, lifestyle, and unique experiences of the people keeping these practices alive. From blacksmithing, weaving, sake making, tending sheep, or simply having a sauna, the book tells the stories of those devoting their energy, skills, and creativity to such activities.

We've spent serious time absorbing the stories and magic that this book offers. One to have on your shelves to dip in to over and over again.


Currently in-store only. 


August 09, 2020 — Sarah Tebb

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