Bamboo has been getting a lot of press recently and rightly so, it is a wonderful sustainable alternative to help us on our fight against plastic. It is a fast growing grass that requires no fertiliser and self-regenerate from it’s own roots - pretty clever right? And doesn’t require the huge amounts of water that cotton cultivation does.


Naturally we have to be careful when claiming that bamboo is great and everything else is bad because we simply don’t have that information as to how it is being harvested and what land clearing could be happening to make way for the bamboo. So we have to remain vigilant that we don’t outweigh the benefits of this naturally sustainable crop by over doing it. That said, bamboo products such as the serving bowls and utensils we have at No.29 will last and last and last. Hardwearing is the number one quality that makes bamboo such a big rival to plastic.

This incredibly versatile material is a great addition to your kitchen. Our colourful collection is made using FSC-certified recycled bamboo fibre, is free from BPA, PVC and phthalates, and is combined with a 100% food-grade melamine binder. All of that means it is safe for you and safe for the kids to reuse over and over again. Functional, pragmatic and no fuss but a whole lot of colour and design, we are big fans.

Our salad servers are a really pleasing shape with a large scoop and generous handle and work perfectly either matching or contrasting the colour with the serving bowls. We are rather fond of the sunny yellow colour way.

Let us know, what do you think of bamboo? Have you already made the switch?

September 13, 2020 — Sarah Tebb

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