• Distinctive purple leaves that close at night and open in the morning
  • Low maintenance
  • Enjoys indirect bright sunlight

These rather lovely plants can stand being left to their own devices and pretty up any spot in the house. The Oxalis family has gotten bad press over the years as there are certain varieties that will happily take over your garden if left unchecked but not all in this family act the same. Hence the Oxalis Triangularis variety works beautifully as a house plant.

Despite regularly being referred to as ‘purple shamrocks’ or ‘false shamrocks’ this plant originally hails from Brazil not Ireland. Their ‘photophilic’ nature is what causes them to open and close their leaves in response to light levels. This causes a butterfly effect and is why we all fall for this charming plant. They work beautifully as a gift and are extremely long lasting and have often been passed down generation to generation.

They only need watering weekly so truly a great option for those who often claim they don’t have green thumbs. The main thing to note is that the Oxalis is toxic to dogs and cats, so keep in a place where your furry friend can’t get to it. These truly are one of the lowest maintenance plants you can have and we thoroughly recommend giving them a go.


September 09, 2020 — Sarah Tebb
Tags: Plant care

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