Now we've got many months under our belt with a bricks and mortar shop, we've been musing over little additions to our inventory that still fit the WM criteria but aren't something we've done before. And what better place to start then some really rather tasty chocolate? 

Being surrounded by beautiful homewares isn't exactly a chore, we love all the items we source for Winter's Moon but you really can't eat the soap. So we turned our minds to all things cocoa. We scoured the internet and came across a lovely brand called The Chocolate Society. A couple of emails later and there were some samples in the post. Delicious. 

With a successful tasting (oh it's a hard life) and confirmation of wonderfully colourful and sexy packaging - we now have a selection of absolutely moorish chocolate in the shop and on the web. 

The Chocolate Society crafts fine fresh chocolates from their professional kitchen in rural Somerset. Their quality ingredients upgrade classic flavour combinations to the next level of indulgence.

Each flavour is paired with either creamy white chocolate, buttery 32% cocoa blonde chocolate, luscious 41% Colombian milk chocolate or the richest 61% Colombian chocolate. Each bar is a perfect gift for any chocolate lovers taste buds, delivering unrivalled, delicious, and intense flavour in every bite. What more could you want? Happy Eating! 

September 27, 2020 — Sarah Tebb

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