So it seems like time has flown since we last sent out a newsletter, and it feels like so much has changed since the summer.

Our little shop on North St has been steadily growing in terms of stock and we are slowly getting this all on the website. Recent newness includes some lovely vintage pieces, and practical beautiful items for using everyday. Click HERE to see all that's new. Orders for lamps now that the days are getting shorter have been keeping us busy too.
And the cheeky favour?
If you have visited our shop & like what we do, we would LOVE you to vote for us in an annual global competition run by The Shopkeepers. (It's like Miss World for independent shops, but without the raging sexism and awkward swimsuit bit.)

Please click HERE to nominate us for the 'NEW IN 2020' category. The details to enter are:
Winter's Moon, Chichester, @wintersmoonuk
We are hugely grateful as always for your support.

Julia x
September 25, 2020 — Julia Grant

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