We're back with another Creative Q&A for you. This is our series of interviews with designers, potters, artists, illustrators, you name it, people we are lucky enough to work with and know, and we think you should know them too. As well as hopefully provide some insight to different types of creatives and the work that they do. 

display of Brie harrison postcards stuck to a wall

(Photo credit: Bily )

Today we are talking with Brie Harrison, not only do we stock her amazing prints and cards but we've also worked with her on two fabric designs. Our Nasturtium and Carnation fabric designs are made in collaboration with Brie and are part of our signature style. 

Please introduce yourself and give us a little background

I’m an artist/ Illustrator that focuses on colour, pattern and the botanical world. I studied printed textiles so I worked in the fashion industry in New York and then for a decade in London before deciding to focus more on illustration. One of my first jobs in this field was producing a range of cards for Norfolk based company Art Angels. I then collaborated with Julia at Winters Moon on the Nasturtium print based on one of the cards which was such a fun project. Over a number of years I built up a small collection of cards and prints that I exhibited locally,  I then started doing trade fairs to build up my stockist portfolio.

colourful floral pattern designed by Brie Harrison

(Photo Credit: Wendy )

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

I am so grateful to enjoy a lot of my job. I am not so keen on accounts and paper work so the most enjoyable aspect of my job is being creative. I sometimes don’t have as much time as I would like right now with running the day to day side of the business and having my young son  to focus on this aspect so I am trying to make this more of a priority. I recognise the creative side of the brand is not only an enjoyable part, its integral to the work evolving and looking fresh and exciting.

How would you describe your signature style and how did you get to it?

I guess my signature style focuses on colour and nature. It’s graphic & slightly quirky. I found my style from just drawing a lot and experimenting and then working into the pieces on the computer. It just sort of happened.

selection of cards designed by Brie Harrison

(Photo credit: Bily )

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration all over the place- gardens, people’s homes, museums, visiting new places. My first collections were inspired greatly from Mexico and travel -back in the day :).

What tools do you use?

I use sketch books, pencils and pens and then I use the computer and a bamboo tablet.

What advice would you give younger creatives?

My advice would be to just keep on creating and sharing your work. If you really believe in something and want it to work then the focus to make it happen is just as important as being artistic. (And something that I still have to remind myself times)  believe in yourself that you can do it as we are all capable of being creative.

Dark moody room with a Art print resting against a vase of flowers (Photo credit: Bily )

Thank you so much to Brie for her time! 

June 25, 2021 — Sarah Tebb


Wendy Gardner said:

These are exquisite Brie! They take me back to childhood trips to the natural history museum discovering new worlds … they are so beautiful.. you have a very steady hand and good eyesight to get such tiny details into a small space… I love them.

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