Here's our gift guide on what to buy for your kid's teachers as we approach the end of term. A little token of appreciation and thanks is always welcome but we think this year more so than ever. We know it hasn't been easy becoming 'virtual' teacher this year so we've put together a few lovely things we know will go down well. 

large and small quiescent soy candles

A lovely candle is always a great shout and we thoroughly recommend these Quiescent Candles which are perfect for unwinding after a busy day/term!

himalayan bath salts

On the relaxing theme, these Himalayan Bath Salts are simply wonderful and make for such nice present.

pillow mist

This Pillow Mist  is freshly made using only natural ingredients and sleep inducing aromatherapy pure essential oils, blended for their sedative, calming and relaxing properties.    

Chocolate Bars in a range of flavour

Chocolate can seem easy but when it is packaged beautifully and it tastes phenomenal then it is a good choice.  

vegan soap

Handcrafted in Lichfield following traditional cold-press methods, these luxurious vegan soaps are a gift to the senses and skin. Each soap has a base of olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil, which work together to keep skin soft and supple, and is scented with gorgeous essential oil combinations. From the more feminine scents of Bohemian Blush to the cleaner and masculine feel of Charcoal Detox, there is a soap for everyone.

July 08, 2021 — Sarah Tebb

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