We’ve been muddling along at the shop, getting back into our routine and surviving the very mixed bag of weather we’ve had in May. Fingers crossed the sunshine shows up in June. 

window display of green items including a sage green locker

The window has had a little switch up going from a yellow theme to soft sage green - we always have fun playing around with it and there are a few new vintage items enjoying their moment in the sun. There’s also been a fair few deliveries and we’ve had a good restock of some of our favourite items.

Glass plant mister with black metal spray

Last week it was all about lamps and just yesterday the ever elusive plant misters have also arrived! But be quick because they move fast. 

Book called Flower Yard with beautiful flowers on the cover

Our library has expanded as well and we’ve got a lovely range of new books in, some for children, some for us adults including this simply stunning book The Flower Yard. Arthur Parkinson’s inspiring volume shares the secrets of gardening done entirely in pots, inspiration guaranteed. We’re also completely enamoured with The Flightless Travel Book, which presents 50 inspirational, life-affirming trip ideas for those who would like to fly less, or not at all. 

postcards with tree leaves printed on them

Nature lovers will also appreciate the newest addition to the shop, these stunning sets of eight linocut postcards, which landed with us today. Beautiful botanical illustration each an artwork in its own right!

Click HERE to see everything that's new.

And as a final thought, we just want to say thank you again for supporting our shop and choosing something a little different. All your kind words since we’ve re-opened have really buoyed us up, as we love what we do and sharing it with you.

Thanks so much for reading,

Julia x


May 27, 2021 — Julia Grant

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