We love Chichester all through the year, but it's especially lovely at spring time when the magnolia trees are blooming. So we thought we would share where there are some really lovely specimens to look out for.

Walking the city walls is a lovely way to enjoy Chichester. You can pick the wall path up easily in Priory Park - if you enter from the south eastern gate and take the high path there is a gorgeous magnolia tree that rises up to greet you over the wall. 

The path then takes you round the park, where you can enjoy a peak over the wall into the lovely cottage gardens that back onto the wall, and then leave Priory Park and find your way onto North St. where you can pick the path up again and walk the walls around the north of the city. This leads you onto the top of West St where you can pick up the entrance into Bishop's Palace Gardens (look for the sign just past the rear of the curry house). There are multiple ways to make your way through the gardens, and it's a delight whatever time of year you visit - a little oasis in the city. In late March there is a very lovely magnolia not yet in full bloom by the arch that leads towards the cathedral - one to revisit when it's in full bloom.

Follow the path through to Canon lane and there is anothet gorgeous magnolia tree just on the corner of St Richards walk. It's a beautiful sight with the Chichester Cathedral spire on the right.

Our final beautiful tree is tucked incongruously by a car park. From the Cathedral find your way to East St and head to the back of the M&S Food Hall. In the car park at the rear is the most breathtaking large magnolia tree, that I have the pleasure of walking past most days. It's size and beauty always stops me in my tracks a little - always a reminder of how amazing nature is and how lucky we are to live in this gorgeous city.

March 19, 2024 — Julia Grant

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