My mother was one of five sisters, I am one of four, so being in a sisterhood is what I know and it is one of the biggest blessings of my life. I can't imagine life without their support and love and know I am ridiculously lucky to have them as my constant safety net. (I'm the little fat one in the image below).

Way back in the pandemic we ran a giveaway of one of our lamps and looked for a local charity supporting victims of domestic abuse to donate too. We found 'My Sister's House' and were so heartened by the work they do so wanted to continue the relationship. This was reinforced when they opened a drop in shop just round the corner from our shop in Chichester a few months ago.

The idea for a candle has been in the background for over a year, Nic at Pure Cariad who makes the candle for us was really patient in working on a blend that ticked all the boxes of what I wanted.  At its root is rosemary essential oil, my sister Caroline once told me that a healthy rosemary plant in a garden signifies a strong woman in the house, so I thought rosemary should be the starting point of a candle supporting the work My Sister's House do. Nic then did various blends trying out different strengths and other essential oils that I favour which we fine-tuned and had fun sampling with friends and family.

The result is a blend I am really really happy with, it comforts me but I also just find it quite uplifting. Further down the road I am hoping that we will be able to donate some of the candles to the women who use the services 'My Sister's House' offers. 

For now my hope is simply that through continuing to fundraise for 'My Sister's House' we can enable women in need to receive some element of the sisterly support I am so fortunate to have as part of my everyday life.

See the candles HERE.

November 24, 2022 — Julia Grant

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