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Stationery is a serious love all of us have at Winter's Moon. The discussions around which diary or planners are our favourites have been known to happen and be lengthy. However it can be a little confusing as to which includes what so we thought it would be handy to break down our selection of planners and diaries to help you make a decision! 

monthly planner

First up, and Julia's choice for years now is the Leuchtturm B5 Monthly Planner and Notebook - it features a double page spread for each month, with weeks listed horizontally underneath one another.  The notebook section follows the calendar and covers 136 pages. We love it because it means you don't need to carry both a diary and notebook, hopefully making the bag a little lighter. 

The Leuchtturm planners all come with two bookmarks, a blank table of contents and boxes for cross-references so you can keep a tab of your notes. We also have their brilliant Weekly Planner and Notebook - the week is shown on the left-hand side, with the 7 days running from top to bottom, and the right-hand side features a ruled notebook page. 

weekly planner

 If you really like getting into the nitty gritty detail of the day, then a daily planner may be more up your street. This 2022 one from The Completist has a beautiful cover on the outside and massive amounts of practicality on the inside. It has a day per page for week days, and a page split in half for the weekend. There's space to write your to dos, any random scribbles as well as a timetable column to plan meetings and such like. Oh and the fun part is that the inside sheets are made from music sheet paper, which means they are tough and durable. Just what you need to plan your day, month, year. 

daily planner

We've also got some handy desk planners to help plot your week or day whilst you are working. These have proved useful whilst trying to tackle the inbox and needing to jot things down before finalising timings etc. They help us feel more organised and that's a bonus when it feels like there isn't enough time in the day! There's weekly ones, daily ones as well as one that is purely laid our for note taking. We also think these would be great stocking fillers for the worker bees in your life. 

desk planner

 We hope that helps provide some clarity to all the ways your can plan your days! You can find the full stationery collection HERE

December 10, 2021 — Sarah Tebb

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