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I have just re-read my last 'postcard from North Street' email on the turbulence of July. And it seems set to continue if the start of September is anything to go by? So in an effort to bring some colourful optimism to North St, Jess changed up our window. We know that colourful mugs and buckets won't solve the issues of the day....but it gives us a brighter outlook from behind the counter and hopefully the same goes for passers by.

We are also adjusting to the 'back to school' routine and becoming a team of four, since Sarah left for a full-time opportunity. We gave her cake and a lovely send off and are slowly figuring out a new way of working.

Winter's Moon team with cake

Plans for the next few months are plentiful...autumn windows, a very special candle launch, ways to reward our loyal customers a little more...and of course the 25th December. Which to be honest, for any retailer is consistently buffering away in the back of their head from about July onwards. 


We have some lovely new products just landed and more due over the next few weeks. A recent addition which has made me verrrry happy is introducing the T.G Green 'Cornishware' range of mugs, jugs and teapots to the shop. This iconic British brand has modernised its collection with new colours and fits perfectly with our ethos of selling beautifully useful well-made product. Products that are worth your money and the resources used to make them. See the whole range here.

The range has got off to a flying start with customers which is fab, and big thanks to our customer Karen who pointed me in their direction in the first place.

Thanks as always for your support & interest.

Until next time, 

Julia xx


September 16, 2022 — Julia Grant


Tina said:

Thank you for such a wonderful website, when we holiday in Sussex we always pass through Chichester and of course, your lovely little shop.
Look through the website weekly and your postcards.
Love it. Thank you xx

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