Lockdown 2.0 comes into effect from tomorrow so sadly we will be closing the doors of No.29 for a little while. Fingers crossed we will be back in December! 

We want to say thank you in advance as well as stay safe, the world is all a bit topsy turvy but we can get through this and with your support Winter's Moon can get through this. 

We'll be updating the website with lots of lovely Christmas gift ideas as the weeks go on and we will make sure that absolutely everything in our lovely shop is online for you. So if there is something you've spotted in the shop, we'll make sure it is on the website. 

There will be plenty of gift ideas, inspiration and more coming to the blog as well as our social media channels. Best place for all the latest updates is our Instagram and you can also sign up to our newsletter on our contact page. 

Whilst we may not have the door to our bricks and mortar shop open - we will very much be online as our website never sleeps. If you have any questions then do drop us an email shop@wintersmoon.co.uk or DM us whatever you fancy, we will pick it up. 

flat lay of nice things


November 04, 2020 — Sarah Tebb

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