Winter's Moon is really proud to be the dedicated Chichester stockist of 'My Sisters' House - From Kitchen table to Women's Centre' a fundraising book supporting My Sister's House Women's Centre in Bognor.

This is a story of women supporting women, of the impact of pain, loss, abuse, and poverty suffered by women but also of inspiration, strength, resilience, drive, passion and determination shown by the same women.

This book will widen your understanding of women's issues in today's world.  Whilst this book will take you through an inspiring uplifting emotional story full of learnings, real life & hope, it is also a true story of many women who need more help.

Written by Julie Budge the award-winning Founder & CEO of My Sisters'House Women's Centre, who has thirty years of working in various roles in the Voluntary Community Sector, with an expertise in fundraising and a passion for helping women in need.

80% of the cover price goes directly to the charity. Buy the Book here

Free Shipping.

January 27, 2021 — Sarah Tebb

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