Lovely Mums, some are easy to buy for, others not so much and some really don't mind what you get them which is both equal parts lovely but quite frustrating as you end up going around and around thinking will she like it? I think she will? Yes she will... I hope. So here's what we've picked out for our wonderful Mums this Christmas. 

  • A calming Candle is probably something all Mums deserve and makes a great stocking filler
  • If you really want to indulge your Mum this Christmas, why not gift a Hand Woven Welsh Blanket, so cosy and warm
  • We adore these amazing handmade mugs, perfect for the morning cup of coffee
  • This gorgeous gingham Toiletry Bag is made out of 100% Organic Cotton - worthy of Mum
  • We love these Salad Servers - Handmade and Fairtrade what's not to like? 
  • The Foraged Home, is a wonderful book full of home inspiration 
  • A Vintage Print is always a lovely thing to gift to those who love the truly unique 
  • These Sussex Guide Books are wonderfully put together and offer something a little different. One for the Sussex Women in your life
November 29, 2020 — Sarah Tebb
Tags: Gift Guide

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