When it comes to colour, we often play it safe. It can feel like a big commitment and the dreaded fear of what if when it’s finished I really don’t like it? We know that feeling. Something we try to do at Winter’s Moon is challenge ourselves to seek out the colour and in turn help you bring it into your homes.

The combo of Orange and Blue is one of those challenges. It won’t be for everyone but we are rather partial to it. So much so we’ve even created our own Carnation print fabric to celebrate this colour way. But first some inspiration…

blue and orange sunset

(Image from pinterest) 

One of the best places to start when thinking about colour is looking to where it naturally occurs in the world around you. Orange and blue immediately turns our thoughts to sunsets. Those big summer skies and the fading sun create the most beautiful palette of colour.

Oranges on a blue background

(Image from pinterest)

Then we have food, whilst there is naturally blue food, a luscious orange on a blue platter is an incredible pairing of colour and contrast. It also shows us how supporting colours of the green from the leaves and white from the inside of the orange work as part of this palette.

interior of a sitting room with orange armchairs

(Image from pinterest)

This interiors photo also caught our eye. The orange armchairs sitting comfortably within this space initially draw you in and then then the subtler splashes of orange on the cushions tie everything together beautifully.

orange and blue helter skelter

(Image from pinterest)

We also love this Helter Skelter. A touch of circus glamour always goes down well.

flatlay of orange and blue items

This then makes us look to the shop and items we can bring together to create inspiration. A pop of orange from a glass matchbox or on a purse work wonders on getting familiar with this colour combo.

carnation fabric background with chair in front

And when you want to commit to something a little bigger, our Carnation fabric was designed by Brie Harrison exclusively for Winter's Moon. The fabric is suitable for cushions & 'light domestic' upholstery use, though needs FR treatment if used for upholstery.

August 26, 2020 — Sarah Tebb

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