There’s nothing quite like a picnic at the beach, at your favourite green space or even in the garden. Making sandwiches to please all parties, choosing the delicious extras - scotch eggs and sausage rolls, yes please. And don’t forget the refreshing drink options, Pimm’s being a natural go-to but also trying your hand at a watermelon cooler for something special. We love picnics. The whole process is immensely enjoyable as long as you don’t forget the cutlery.

For us, it also involves choosing the right baskets and bags to carry your beautifully prepared picnic in. Not that it’s all about the aesthetics but it can’t hurt to have a gorgeous bag to transport it all in. And we just so happen to have (see what we did there) a rather great selection of said bags.

RAffia and leather basket bags

A firm favourite for Winter’s Moon are these wonderful Fairtrade Raffia and Leather Baskets that come in two sizes. Though we personally own both, naturally. These simple checked basket are handmade in Madagascar by a fairtrade cooperative, so as well as looking good, they are also doing good. Also fairly handy for day to day life and ours have had many a trip to the supermarket and so we can confirm hold a decent amount.

up close raffia and leather basket bag

For something a little more rustic, another Fairtrade option we have are these traditional looking baskets that lend perfectly themselves to a baguette or two. Another firm favourite of ours.

rustic basket

For those who love colour, we have these cheery Macrame Jute Bags in Navy, Turquoise and Moss Grey. 

macrame basket bag

Lightweight but incredibly durable, these work perfectly for a smaller affair - ideal when you fancy having your lunch with a view. They are handmade in Bangladesh from jute using traditional hand-knotting skills through a Fairtrade organisation.

macrame coloured jute bags

Happy Picnicking!

June 28, 2020 — Sarah Tebb


Leah said:

I neeeeed one of those raffia and leather baskets :’(
do you not do them any more?

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