Autumn has well and truly blown in... as I write the rain is pouring and the wind is blowing a hooley. We’ve turned on the radiators in the shop (just a little bit) and the waterproof is being put to the test. Sunny September it seems is behind us. 

So as the rain pours I’ve been compiling a little Autumnal playlist to enjoy in the shop. We’ve been craving mellow tunes to suit the dark mornings without being too mournful about the summer days that have come to pass. Something that’s a bit cosy with a side of upbeat so we do brave the weather and leave the house. Always tempting to hide under the duvet. 

We hope you enjoy the list and let us know if you have any recommendations! 

Autumn 2020

  • Autumn Town Leaves, Iron & Wine
  • Back to Autumn, Tall Heights
  • Autumn Sweater, Yo La Tengo 
  • Bloom, The Paper Kites
  • Old Pine, Ben Howard
  • Autumn in New York, Ella Fitzgerald
  • We Fell In Love in October, Girl in Red
  • Tiger Striped Sky, Roo Panes
  • Pale November Dew, The Dead Tongues
  • Hello My Old Heart, The Oh Hellos
  • Giants, Dermot Kennedy
  • Someone New, Hozier
  • Leaves That Are Green, Simon & Garfunkel
  • Amsterdam, Gregory Alan Isakov
  • Stay Alive, José González
  • Big Black Car, Gregory Alan Isakov
  • Beautiful Strangers, Kevin Morby
  • Love you For a Long Time, Maggie Rogers

And here's the link to the play list on Spotify - Happy Listening! 


October 08, 2020 — Sarah Tebb
Tags: music

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