Founded in 2009 by Julia Grant, Winter's Moon started out online selling predominantly vintage pieces but as it has evolved over the 10+ years our product range has grown, expanded and evolved with it. Something we are frequently asked is how we would sum up what we do. A question we’ve mulled over time and time again and our answer? 

 'beautiful things for living and giving'

We think it ticks all the boxes in explaining the time spent researching where and how the products are made, the ethics behind the businesses we buy from as well as the fun part of choosing which colours to stock. The products we sell have to be worth our customers' money & worth the resources that were used to make them.

Vintage one-offs still feature, along with fairtrade and handmade items. Many are created exclusively for Winter's Moon and made here in the UK. It’s the items that make life a little less scratchy and your home a little more enjoyable.

In early 2020 we moved into one of the prettiest shops in Chichester, No.29 North Street. We opened the doors for a few weeks and then, well, we all know what happened. Despite it all, we are still here and our team has grown, the lovely  Emma, Jess & Rosina now make Winter’s Moon a 4 woman show!

If you are in Chichester please come and say hello, we’re a friendly bunch and always have good tunes playing… it would be lovely to meet you!

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